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Information Technology Acquisition Services

Leland Strategies offers a suite of services to assist clients in identifying, procuring and implementing technology used to manage large quantities of data.   We are well versed in Cloud Computing, Software as a Service (SaS),  COTS , Big Data, customized software and data integration.  Our specific services include:

  • Project Conception and Initiation:  Leland Strategies will work with you to identify a project sponsor and draft a project charter that clearly defines the purpose of the project (goals and objectives centered on business needs), scope of the project and vision for implementation.
  • Cost Estimates: Using industry knowledge, we can help you identify both hard and soft costs in order to plan and request funding for you project.
  • Stakeholder Management and Team Building: We can help you identify your stakeholders and set up a Steering Committee and Core Management Team.  We’ll stay engaged with this team and rely on their subject matter expertise through-out the project, building a group of project champions in the process.
  • Business Analysis:  We use proven methodologies to analyze business processes and identify areas of risk and opportunities for efficiency improvements.  Solutions include risk mitigation strategies, business process re-engineering, and gap analysis (where you are and where you want to be).  
  • Requirements Analysis: Consultants perform detailed requirements analysis for new information management systems. 
  • RFP Development: Consultants work with clients to develop Requests for Proposals that meet operational, technical and procurement requirements.  This includes a clearly articulated scope of work, and functional and technical requirements supported by your stakeholders.
  • Technical Needs Assessment:  Leland Strategies will work with its partners to conduct a detailed analysis and provide recommendations for your agency’s network, data architecture, IT Organization and Staffing, and cyber security.
  • Strategic Planning: Leland Strategies works with clients to inventory all existing information management systems, identify high level requirements and points of integration, and develop a strategic plan for the migration of data, upgrade and integration of existing systems and procurement of new systems.
  • Grant Writing:  Leland Strategies can help you write proposals for grants related to information technology.  We are well-versed in the grant programs of the Bureau of Justice Statistics (BJS) and the Bureau of Justice Assistance (BJA).