Renee Cobb has worked as a consultant to companies such as IBM, iXP and Mathtech, while directly serving a number of state and local government agencies including: the Washington DC Metropolitan Police Department, the City of Philadelphia Police Department, the New Jersey Department of Law and Public Safety, the Michigan State Police and Jefferson County Alabama Criminal Justice Coordinating Council.

Amtrak Police Department 

Leland Strategies worked with its partner, RADCA to develop detailed requirements and an RFP for the Amtrak Police Department.  As part of this effort, Leland Strategies identified relevant business processes and workflows in need of realignment as part of the pending RMS implementation.  Leland Strategies offered solutions for re-engineering and is currently engaged in the redevelopment of related Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs).

Santa Clara County Sheriff's Office

Leland Strategies worked with the Santa Clara County Sheriff's Office and the Santa Clara County Information Services Department to develop requirements and a Request for Proposal for a law enforcement Records Management System.  The new system will replace an in-house developed legacy system.  After numerous subject matter expert interviews, Leland Strategies worked with command staff to identify a core management team and an evaluation committee to review requirements and move the project forward.  Additionally, Leland identified and recommended business process and policy changes which will work in tandem with the RMS to provide more real time data to the Sheriff's Office enabling them to be more responsive to mission critical needs.

Leland is also engaged in developing requirements for a civil process system which will allow the Sheriff's Office to manage their civil processing while providing full dual ledger accounting capabilities.

Santa Clara County Resource Reentry Center.

Leland Strategies worked with senior staff at the Santa Clara County Resource Reentry Center to identify the business needs related to managing referrals to multiple internal and external agencies for the AB 109 population as well as other populations served by the Reentry Center.  Leland made recommendations for business process improvements and developed requirements for a custom system which would handle referrals while providing detailed management reporting related to recidivism rates and the success of AB109 programs.

Vermont Department of Public Safety

Leland Strategies partnered with Mathtech Inc. to provide an analysis of capital and personnel costs and effort related to the possible replacement of the law enforcement records management system used by the Department of Public Safety.

Leland Strategies again partnered with Mathtech Inc. to conduct a high level analysis of processes related to warrants and probation and parole status and made recommendations for improving the timeliness and accuracy of this data.

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